April Birthstone: Diamond

A Girl's Best Friend
 Besides pearls, Diamonds have been known to be a girl's best friend since the beginning of time. Globally, diamonds are also known to be the hardest gemstone making them the most valuable. Surprisingly, they can come in several colors, such as brown, red, pink, green, blue, and yellow. These colors are extremely rare to find and are priced much higher than the colorless diamonds that are more commonly seen around. Diamonds symbolize clarity, abundance, clarity, and love. So for all my ladies born in April, including myself, why not treat yourself to some diamonds?!
Can we talk about this diamond ring for a second? I'm obsessed. I have been loving simple pieces of jewelry that can stand out on their own, as well as make perfect layering pieces. The Kawela Diamond Ring is exactly what I'm talking about! A beautifully cut diamond on a solid 14k gold band is the perfect mix of elegance and simplicity. 
Being able to create pieces of jewelry that contain Pearls and Diamonds, is extremely rewarding knowing you guys get to enjoy them. The Orion Keshi Diamond Necklace is one of the better things to come out of 2021. This one of a kind necklace contains a large white freshwater keshi pearl on a 18" solid 14k gold necklace with a diamond bail. This diamond necklace truly is a show stopper that would be perfect for any look.
To complete the look, why not add a pair of diamond stud earrings? The Hoku Diamond Stud is small enough to go in any of your earring holes. There are pave diamonds that decorate the entire stud on a solid 14k gold backing. These diamond studs pair very well with our Diamond Bird of Paradise Stud Earring. Talk about being covered in diamonds! Make sure to check out the rest of our Diamond Collection to see more exciting jewels.