Garnet Gemstones for January

Welcome to 2022 mermaids! For January, the birthstone is the beautiful Garnet. The Garnet is said to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship to people who are born in this month. For many centuries, Garnet was seen as a symbol of love and friendship, and a way to promote protection and healing.
A Garnet Ring is a true symbol of love. The bright red gemstone is sure to turn heads and catch the eye. The Stackable Garnet Ring is easy to wear multiple ways. Add to your current ring stack today! Shop Garnet Stackable Ring here.
Does your January bestie love earrings? Choose the Garnet Marquise Studs. The perfect pair of every for your everyday look. Shop them here.
Do you know a diva that loves to shine? The Garnet Queen Ring is the perfect choice. Shop the Garnet Queen Ring here.
Love a classic and timeless piece? Choose a stunning Garnet gemstone necklace. This necklace is simple statement piece that you can wear daily. Shop the Garnet Emerald Necklace here.