Hot Huggies

The verdict is in ladies and Misha Hawaii Huggies are back! Whether you like an array of colors or enjoy the simple details, we have a huggie earring for you. Ear huggies are a staple accessory to have in your wardrobe. All of our ear huggies are small enough to go in your second or third ear hole piercing and compliment any look.
I absolutely love colorful things, so it only makes sense that the Rainbow Huggie is my favorite ear huggie. These huggie earrings are made with high-quality jewel toned colored CZ gemstones and are 14kt Vermeil (14kt gold over silver). Because of all the colors, they will brighten up your eyes!
New jewelry alert! I present to you the Heart Huggie! These simple ear huggie earrings have just the perfect amount of sparkle and bling to make any outfit complete. The Heart Huggies are made with beautiful CZ gemstones and there's even one in the middle of the heart. How cute is that?
Our Clear CZ Ear Huggie is a stunner! These ear huggies would be perfect for a wedding, a gift, or a party. It's a guarantee you're going to be receiving a good amount of compliments, so be ready! Oh, did I mention that all of our ear huggies are only $58? You better get these babies while you can! To see more of our ear huggies, check out our huggies collection!