Introducing our Lauhala Collection

Lauhala Weaving 
I am extremely excited and proud to announce our new Lauhala Collection. This collection was inspired by the artistic practice of weaving lauhala. This art has been around for hundreds of years in Hawaiian tradition. Lau translates to “leaf” being used from the hala tree to create beautiful, yet strong mats, baskets, fans, and hats. In order to weave lauhala into functional items, it requires patience, precision, and consistency from a weaver. Traditional lauhala weaving has slowly been lost throughout the centuries, but weavers throughout Hawaii are spreading their knowledge and techniques in order to keep their cultural practice alive.
Lauhala Jewelry
I wanted to do the same thing with our Lauhala Collection, by capturing the unique and bold weaving textures in a memorable jewelry line that will last forever. The collection includes a Lauhala Bangle which I love to stack with my pearl bangles
There is also a wider, bold Lauhala Cuff which gives you instant "power" right when you put it on (I feel like superwoman).
A lovely wide band Lauhala Ring which is perfect for everyday with a white tee and jeans.
And lastly two sizes of Lauhala hoops, our Medium Lauhala Hoops which are great for work and the Large Lauhala Hoops which are bigger size for a night out.
I really like that the lauhala texture really modernizes these classic jewelry styles and added some extra flair to these simple silhouettes. All the pieces come in three luminous colors, yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. Regardless of which piece is your favorite; I can promise you that these pieces will be worn over and over again, since they are simple and modern, with a little history woven in.