Jewelry Care

How to Clean Your Jewelry
I wear my pearl bangles everyday and when I don't, I almost feel naked without them. Wearing jewelry makes me feel so confident that I am ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at me. I always preach how we everyone needs to treat themselves and have more self care in their lives, but so does your jewelry! 14kt Gold Filled jewelry is made to last and never tarnish, but with constant wear and exposure to the elements, they need a little TLC to look their best.
To clean 14kt Gold Filled, 14kt Rose Gold Filled, or Sterling Silver jewelry, you are going to need a soft bristled toothbrush and any mild detergent soap. I personally use dawn soap and it works just fine. Next, you're going to put a dollop of soap on the toothbrush, wet the metal, and gently scrub. Make sure you avoid the pearls or any gemstones because you don't want to scratch them. Lastly, rinse all the soap off and pat dry. You should notice fingerprints, dirt, and grime have been removed and it has left your jewelry shiny once more!
Believe it or not, but there is a safe way to clean pearls as well. Our skin produces oils naturally and depending on the acidity of it, the oils can affect your pearls. Nothing drastic is going to happen, but over time it can create a film over the pearl making it less shiny and smooth. So every now and then, take a lukewarm damp towel and gently rub the entire pearl. After that, take a dry towel and repeat. 
How to Store Your Jewelry
Storing your jewelry properly is one of the many questions I get asked all the time. First thing's first, always remove your jewelry before you take a shower, especially anything that is plated. If you forget to take off any gold filled or solid 14kt gold pieces, it's not the end of the world. But to keep them shiny and looking their best, try not to make it a habit.
Depending upon where you live, the atmosphere can affect your jewelry. For example, if you live on the coast or somewhere tropical, there is salt in the air that can tarnish your jewelry over time. So to prevent that from happening, I suggest storing your jewelry in a jewelry box. If you don't have one, a plastic bag will do just the trick too. As long as your jewelry is sealed and out of the elements, the better. Taking care of your jewelry is just another expression of self love, so get to cleaning babes!