Looks for St. Patrick's Day

The Irish are known for many things, but the most famous is the celebration of St. Patrick's Day! Wearing green and drinking beer out on the town with your friends is always a good time. Want to know what's even better? Thanks to new technology, there are vibrant and green Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearls to match the occasion. Sadly because of the pandemic, many of us will be celebrating St. Patrick's day from the comfort of our homes, but that doesn't mean you can't still dress up. For anyone who is new to the world of pearls, the Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl has gone through an enhancement process in Japan, which takes about 3-4 months to complete. Through this process, it extracts the natural green hues that Tahitian Pearls produce, resulting in an "enhanced" pearl with deep color and high luster. Below are my favorite pieces made with Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearls that will save you from getting pinched, in case you forgot to wear something green! 

Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Bangle

 I'll brb, I'm getting lost in the color of these pearls. Our Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Bangle is absolutely insane! This bangle will guarantee to be a conversation piece, however you choose to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. With my hammering technique into the 14kt Gold Filled metal, the shine and shimmer is forever. If you've had your eye on the Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Bangle, now is your sign to add it to your stack just in time for the holiday!

Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Studs

My green eyed goddesses, these studs are for you. The Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Studs will make any eyes pop, but especially green ones! These studs are made with 9-10mm AAA Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearls on a 14kt Solid Gold with silicone backing. The great thing about pearls this size is that the luster and color are so much more intense than some larger pearls. Wearing this with our Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Bangle will make you the queen of St. Patrick's Day!

Floating Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Get your green on ladies! Let's top off the whole look with the Floating Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Necklace. This beautiful and rare 11mm Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Pearl floats freely on a Solid 14kt Gold diamond cut chain. This necklace is 18" long, so you're able to pair it with any of our 16" chokers to get the perfect layered look. There's just something about this deep green color these pearls produce that deserve to be worn year round. So, take advantage of this my fellow pearl lovers and have a great St. Patrick's Day!