Mother's Day Gift Guide

Great Gift Ideas Mom Will Love!
Mothers should be celebrated every day for all that they do for us, so let's make this Mothers Day unforgettable with my personally selected gift guide! For more styles and designs that your mother will love, check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide Page
What's better than a little sparkle and bling?! The Lohe Semi-Baroque Tahitian Pearl Drop Earring is the perfect earring to give your mama on Mother's Day. This earring has a 14kt gold filled lever back clasp to keep it secure for her daily activities. Not to mention the beautiful teardrop Tahitian Pearls on this earring are stunning. The Lohe Earring can be dressed up or dressed down, which makes it extremely versatile. 
Is anyone else as obsessed with this necklace as I am? It's insane and an absolute show stopper. The Rose Water Floating Pearl Necklace consists of five 9mm-10mm Pink Edison Pearls floating freely on a solid 14kt gold diamond cut chain. One of my favorite things about Pink Edison Pearls are the different colors they can have and you can really see the difference on this necklace. Your mother will feel like a queen in our Rose Water Necklace so be sure to get it while supplies last.
White South Sea Pearls have always been known as the diamonds of the sea and are just such a classic. If your mother is a pearl lover, she will know the value that these pearls have and is probably wanting a White South Sea Pearl Bangle for herself. Our bangles are made to last and the White South Sea Pearl Bangle is a perfect addition to her stack. If any of these styles caught your eye or you're wanting to treat your mother to more jewelry, visit our Mother's Day Gift Guide Page