November birthstone: Citrine

Aloha mermaids!

This month's birthstone is the beautiful and radiant, citrine. It is known as the "success stone",  encouraging wealth and prosperity to anyone who wears it. The brilliant colors of this stone range from light yellow to orange. Dark yellow and orange citrine are the rarest and most coveted. 

Here at Misha Hawaii, we love to use citrine as accent colors in our designs. It adds a touch of sophistication to each piece. You can find it in our Holly earrings, Mariko hoop earrings and Allie necklaces.  

 The Allie necklace. You can always request to have more citrine in the necklace. 

You can check out these styles and our entire collection at our upcoming events. Can't wait for an event? You can always stop by at Ten Tomorrow in Kaimuki or our showroom in downtown Honolulu. Our showroom is by appointment only.