How To Stack Pearl Bangles

I have said it once and I will say again, you can NEVER have too many pearl bangles! The combinations and styles are endless. Depending on your mood, outfit, or occasion, your pearl stack can reflect the day. Have an important business presentation? A Tahitian Pearl Bangle set of singles, double, and triples demands everybody's full attention on you. Your best friend is getting married and asks you to be the maid of honor? White South Sea Bangles are the perfect accessory for the special day. What you wear your bangles with and how many is completely up to you, but here are some of my personal ideas in case you need inspiration.
Beginner Pearl Bangle Stack
 If you're completely new to the wonderful world of pearl jewelry, here are my top three pearl bangles for a beginner stack. When beginning your stack and getting to know pearls, you will soon come to realize that White Edison Pearls are the OG of pearls. Their classic white look goes well with any outfit and compliments every skin tone really well. Not only that, but they are the most affordable of pearls when choosing your first pearl bangle. Our White Edison Pearl Bangles are AAA quality and made to last at a great price. After you buy your first bangle, the addiction begins.
The second pearl bangle for a beginner stack after the White Edison Pearl Bangle is the beautiful Pink Edison Pearl Bangle. You guys, I have been picking really amazing batches of Pink Edison Pearls lately and I'm so excited! Pink pairs really well with white, so our Pink Edison Pearl Bangle would be my next suggestion in adding to your brand new stack! And ladies, you already know these pearls are AAA quality as well.
The last bangle to complete your beginner trio is a Tahitian Pearl Bangle. My favorite thing about Tahitian Pearls is all the different colors they posses. There's hues of pink, blue, green, purple, or even silver deep within the pearl, giving it so much depth you can't take your eyes off of them. Anyways, I'm getting carried away as usual. With these three pearl bangles, your beginner stack will be dynamic and complimentary of one another. After that, the possibilities are unlimited, so keep on adding to your stack queens!
Mix & Match 
Once you've begun your collection of pearl bangles, you will soon realize that mixing and matching is so much fun! Here at Misha Hawaii, we have gotten extremely crazy in the combination department. We are constantly experimenting with what kind of pearls go together on a bangle and pushing the limits of how many pearls we can fit on there as well. I personally think wearing every kind of pearl possible on a stack is a power look. It's almost like wearing the rainbow on your arm and the colors will compliment your outfit of the day. After establishing your beginner stack with a White Edison Pearl Bangle, Pink Edison Pearl Bangle, and Tahitian Pearl Bangle, you can spice it up with some combinations! Below are my three favorite bangle combinations with the Anuenue Pearl Bangle being one of my original designs, while the Tropical Goddess Bangle and Aruba Bangle are brand new!