Valentine's Day Gift Guide

My Picks for Valentine's Day:

Jolie Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have never gone out of style, whether they are big and bold, or small and dainty. They are the perfect earring to wear with any style and any occasion. Have a business meeting? Throw on some hoop earrings. Running Earrings? Grab those hoop earrings. Want to feel like a boss babe? You already know to put on some hoop earrings. The 14kt Gold Plated Jolie Hoop Earrings are small and lightweight enough that they are gentle on your ear lobe. If you're looking for a bigger hoop earring, we also have the Angelina Hoop Earrings for our more daring ladies!

Short Allie Tahitian Pearl Necklace 


We can never seem to keep this necklace in stock, but thank goodness we have ramped up production! The Short Allie Tahitian Pearl Necklace is one of our most popular styles and is a a safe choice for a Valentine's Day gift. Although gifting jewelry can be very personal, this necklace is super simple to fit any goddess. This 18" Tahitian Pearl Necklace is organically designed with multi-colored gemstone beads throughout a 14kt Gold Filled chain leading down to a 11mm Drop Shaped Tahitian Pearl at the end. We also offer the Long Allie Tahitian Pearl Necklace that is the same design, but is 24" for those who love a longer necklace.


Pearl Siren Cuff Ring 

I tried choosing a specific Siren Cuff Ring to talk about, but I couldn't pick one. So why not talk about all of them? I could stare at this picture all day, I mean just look at all of those colors! Anyways, I have to stay on topic. At first I made the Tahitian Siren Cuff Ring, but then I thought to make them in every pearl possible. My all time favorite ring is offered in the Golden Siren Cuff Ring, the Pink Edison Siren Cuff Ring, and the Enhanced Pistachio Tahitian Siren Cuff Ring. Each ring has a 7-8mm AAA Round Pearl on a 14kt Vermeil (Thick 14kt gold plating over sterling silver) band with a bezeled CZ. The Pearl Rings are offered in sizes 5-9 and would be a very special Valentine's day gift. If you can't decide on which one to get, get them all! They stack on top of each other really well, making a bold fashion statement that will stand out for sure.