Your Mini Valentine

Mamma and Me Matching Bangle Sets

Who says Valentine's day is only for your significant other? Mothers and daughters share a special bond
that is extremely unique, so they deserve a little extra love this year. Shop our Valentine's day gift sets
for mamma and me! My daughter Mahina is 2 years old and I love being able to make jewelry for my little girl,
especially when we can wear matching bangles. Our bangle sets come in Tahitian Pearls, Pink Edison Pearls,
and White Edison Pearls for the perfect Valentine's day gift for you and your daughter. 


Mamma and Me Matching Pink Edison Pearl Bar Necklace

I wanted to create more baby jewelry designs in 2021, so say hello to our new Pink Edison Pearl bar necklace set!
You can match with your mini with an every day necklace that will always remind you of each other.
This Pink Edison Pearl necklace is different from our traditional pearl floating necklace because it has a stationary
bar to keep the pearl in place. A simple, yet elegant new design just in time for Valentine's day. 


Baby Bangles

Baby bangles are one of Misha Hawaii's original designs that are the cutest addition to any child's outfit. If you want to spoil your baby this Valentine's day, we offer Baby Freshwater Pearl Bangles and Baby Tahitian Pearl Bangles. If you don't have kids this also is the PERFECT birthday gift for any child! I always say you can never have too many bangles and I'm sure your daughter feels the same way! If you have a special design in mind and want me to create it for your mini, fill out our custom order sheet and let's make your idea come to life.